Phyllis Ashcraft

SOLUTIONS FOR TRANSITION helps overwhelmed seniors and their families with the challenges encountered when facing a life change. We will help you with all the details of a transition both large and small.  Advocate-based, we can help with all the specifics including moving and downsizing, options to stay in your home, what to do with all your stuff, finding the best care community for your needs, as well as the right support and services for you and your entire family. We work with you as your advocate for your specific needs when you need help the most.

SOLUTIONS FOR TRANSITION provides knowledge, compassion, resources and expertise to get the job done efficiently, effectively, and compassionately. Completely non-judgmental. We care about you – your loved one and all the years of accumulation that represent years of living, years of life, years of family and friends. Memories that are so very important. We take lots of pictures and if you are moving, we recreate the small things that count, that mean home. A favorite chair and lamp, positioned just right. The contents of your medicine cabinet, items in the same place, the same order. Our attention to detail truly makes a difference.

We will listen, ask questions, and come up with the best plan, the best solution to make your transition a positive one. Let us take on the burden of arranging and coordinating, planning and executing so you can spend quality time with the people you love. Across the country or just next-door, we will handle it all expertly and efficiently.

Call us at 215-300-7451. And let us know how we can help. There is no charge for our in-home consultation and I promise we will listen and come up with a plan that best suits your needs. There is absolutely no obligation to you. Call 215-300-7451 to schedule.



Caring • Compassionate • Non-judgmental • Patient • Respectful • Knowledgeable

Email us at Phyllis.Ashcraft@gmail.com or call us today at
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